Composition: Teriparatide
Osteofortil® is a unique osteoanabolic agent for osteoporosis treatment.
Daily administration of teriparatide produces an increase in new bone formation of trabecular and cortical bone surfaces upon stimulation of osteoblastic activity over osteoclastic activity.
Osteofortil® is the first choice treatment to prevent fractures, whether vertebral as well as nonvertebral
in menopausal women with severe osteoporosis.
• Postmenopausal women with prior osteoporotic fracture.
• Patients on chronic corticoid therapy (5 mg of prednisone or equivalent for more than 3 months).
• Postmenopausal men and women with severe osteoporosis (defined as more than one fracture
by fragility and very low bone mineral density, (T-score < -3.5).
• Women older than 65 years old with T-score <-2.5 and prevailing vertebral fracture.


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