Leflumax 500 mg: Each tablet contains: Levofloxacin hemihydrate: 500 mg.
Leflumax 750 mg: Each tablet contains: Levofloxacin hemihydrate: 750 mg.

Infections of superior and inferior respiratory tract, in patients from 18 years old, with mild, moderate, and severe infections caused by susceptible microorganisms: acute maxilar sinusitis due to Str. pneumoniae, H. influenzae or M. catarrhalis; acute bacterial exacerbation of chronic bronchitis due to Staph. aureus, Str. pneumoniae, H. influenzae, H. parainfluenzae or M. catarrhalis; Nosocomial pneumoniae due to Staph. aureus meti-S P. aeruginosa, Serratia marcescens, E. coli, K. pneumoniae, H. influenzae or Str. pneumoniae. Adjunctive therapy should be used as clinically indicated. Where P. aeruginosa is a documented or presumptive pathogen, combination therapy with an anti-pseudomonal (β)-lactam is recommended; community-acquired pneumoniae due to Staph. aureus, Str. pneumoniae (including penicillin-resistant stains, CIM for penicillin not under 2 μg/ml), H. influenzae, H. parainfluenzae, K. pnemoniae, M. catarrhalis, C. pneumoniae, L. pneumophila or M. pneumoniae; complicated skin and mucous infection due to Staph. aureus meti-S, E. faecalis, Str. pyogenes or P. mirabilis; uncomplicated skin and mucous infection (mild to moderate) including abscesses, cellulites, furuncles, impetigo, pyoderma, wound infections, due to Staph. aureus or Str. pyogenes; chronic bacterial prostatitis due to E. coli, E. faecalis or Staph. epidermidis; complicated urinary tract infections (mild to moderate) due to E. faecalis, Enterobacter cloacae, E. coli, K. pneumoniae, P. mirabilis, or P. aeruginosa; acute Pyelonephritis (mild to moderate) caused by E. coli; uncomplicated urinary tract infections (mild to moderate) due to E. coli, K. pneumoniae or Staph. saprophyticus; mild and localized intra-abdominal infections, associated with an effective antibiotic against anaerobics, bacteraemia/septicaemia in patients with pneumonia or infections of urinary tract, not as empirical treatment, as in patients with infections by germes sensitives to Levofloxacin, when other antimocrobials of reduced spectrum are not effective.

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