Iver P


Each Iver P® 6mg tablet contains: Ivermectin 6 mg.
Each Iver P® 9mg tablet contains: Ivermectin 9 mg.
Each Iver P® 18mg tablet contains: Ivermectin 18 mg.

This medication is gluten-free

Therapeutic action:

Iver P® supplied in tablets is an antiparasitic agent (it destroys the parasites called microfilariae present under the skin and in the eyes of patients with onchocerciasis). 


Iver P® supplied as tablets is indicated for the treatment of the following parasitic diseases: onchocerciasis, strongyloidiasis, and human scabies (seven-year itch).

Dosage and administration:

Onchocerciasis and strongyloidiasis:
Patients should take a single dose with water on an empty stomach. The influence of food on absorption is unknown. This dose may be taken when getting up in the morning or at any other time, but patients should avoid eating anything for two hours before and after taking Iver P® tablets. No other restrictions in terms of food or concomitant medications are necessary. In most patients, the proposed time interval is 12 months. However, in certain regions, it may be preferable to repeat the administration every six months based on the prevalence or skin microfilariae density.

The recommended dose is a single dose according to the weight of the patient. If necessary and according to the physician's discretion, the dose may be repeated after 15 days.

Use before the expiration date clearly stated on the container

Precautions and Warnings

In the event of hypersensitivity to the drug, treatment reinstatement is contraindicated. Iver P® tablets must not be administered to children under the age of 5 years, as the safety of administration to children under such age has not been determined.


Ivermectin is not recommended for pregnant women; However, there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. The risk of taking a single low dose is difficult to determine based on these studies.


Less than 2% of the Ivermectin dose is excreted in human milk. Safety of use has not been established in newborn infants. Nursing mothers should only take Iver P® tablets when the 4  expected benefit outweighs the possible risk to the newborn. Treatment of mothers who intend to breast-feed their infants should be delayed until at least one week after the birth of the child.

Pediatric Use:

Safety and effectiveness in pediatric patients weighing less than 15 kg have not been established.


There have been reports of accidental overdose of Ivermectin, but no fatalities have been attributable to it.
In case of accidental poisoning, asymptomatic therapy, if indicated, should include parenteral fluids and electrolytes, respiratory support (oxygen and mechanical ventilation if necessary) and pressor agents if clinically significant hypotension is present.
Induction of vomit and/or gastric lavage as soon as possible, followed by purgatives and other routine anti-poison measures, may be indicated if needed to prevent absorption of ingested 5  material. Based on the results available of studies conducted in men, it seems appropriate to avoid GABA agonist drugs when treating accidental intoxications due to Ivermectin.
In case of overdose, contact your physician immediately, or go to the nearest hospital.

How Supplied:

Iver P® tablets, supplied in containers of 6 tablets.


Store at a maximum temperature of 30ºC. Protect from moisture.



Origin: Argentina
Laboratories: Laboratorio Elea
Distributor: Droguerie Phenicia